Business Administration VS Business Management

Business Administration VS Business Management

If you want to pursue your career in the business sector and for that, if you’re researching on which field of study or degree you should get, then you’ve probably heard of two most popular degrees, business administration, and business management. Although both are more or less similar and related to business studies, they have some vital differences.

Also, each of these leads to different career paths. That’s why, before choosing any of the degrees for further education, you need to have a clear concept about these two so that you can pursue your preferred career path. Visit this site to learn more about business management, strategy, and analysis. 

Business Administration: An overview

Business administration focuses on people, and its goal is to train a person into a specialized area. Administration focuses on how effectively and efficiently we can utilize the resources of an organization. People with business administration degrees are experts in one particular sector or department, and their day-to-day activities are surrounded by specialized knowledge and skills.

This type of degree is more like a traditional degree, but no way thinks it as less important. To run a business smoothly, there’s a high demand for experts or specialists. And that’s what people become after getting a business administration degree.


The courses and curriculums of business administration are designed in a way that focuses only on one sector. That’s why people can have different major options to choose from. Different experienced and specialized mentors also design courses for different majors. These are some primary major subjects offered by business administration.

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Banking
  • Payroll Management

Business Management: An Overview

Business management is focused on supervising people or getting things done by people. This type of study helps students learn leadership skills, team management, how to influence and convince, and make decisions. People with business management knowledge helps to run the overall organization.

The role of the manager has mainly come from this field of study. It teaches people how to be an effective communicator so that he/she can adequately provide and collect information to all the hierarchy. No workplace can run without proper guidelines and instructions, and business management ensures these two in an organization.


Business management is focused on practical knowledge and human psychology. That’s why here, people get a vast understanding of how actually a company works and can be operated effectively. Here’re some subjects offered by business management.

  • Operational Management
  • Human Resource management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Leadership Development

Key Differences

Business administration and business management are similar but not identical. You’ll get a flavor of each of these while studying any of these. Here’re some primary differences between these two.

  • Business Administration teaches how to use a resource to run an operation productively and efficiently. On the other hand, Business Management teaches how to instruct and motivate people to use resources and achieve a goal.
  • Business administration focuses on a specific area, such as accounting or marketing. An expert in marketing may not have explicit knowledge about accounting. On the other hand, people with Business Management knowledge have an overall idea about how an organization works, what’s the workplace culture, and what issues have arisen during specialized activities done by each department.
  • Business Administration is more about bookish knowledge, such as theories and data. On the contrary, Business Management is about practical knowledge and works with human nature.

Careers in Business Administration

Here’re some career choices you’ll be able to decide after finishing your Business Administration study.

  • Marketing Specialist– Here, the duties are planning and managing the whole marketing operations of an organization. Such as content marketing, product development, promotional strategies, etc.
  • Accountant- Here, the duties are preparing the financial report of an organization on each business year to get the overall idea of assets, profits, and liabilities. 
  • Business Analyst- Here, the analyst has to calculate and analyze the present situation and future business opportunities and suggest ways to improve. 
  • Financial Analyst- It helps an organization to make investment decisions and ensures a balanced money flow.

Careers in Business management

Here’re some choices of careers after completing your study on Business Management.

  • Operation Manager- Here, the manager has to supervise each department’s overall operations to achieve the common goal. 
  • Sales Manager- Here, the manager manages a group of salespeople, gives them a target, and monitors and guides their performance. 
  • Project Manager- Here, the responsibilities are to plan, monitor, and balance the project’s workflow.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right path of education is very important as it decides your future. Without proper research, you may end up continuing the wrong field, which is a significant loss for both your time and money and change the way you’ve dreamt about your future. That’s why having explicit knowledge about your options and decide what you want.


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