How to Cancel Spotify

How To Cancel Spotify

If you are opening this page am pretty sure that you are looking for more natural ways on how to cancel Spotify. It is a leading app in the streaming of music services. Moreover, Spotify has more subscribers all over the world. Well, it can get tough when you want to unsubscribe, and you don’t seem to understand how to do it.

If you feel like switching to another or cancel your subscription, well this article will show you how to cancel Spotify premium subscription. The process is prepaid, so Spotify makes cancelling extremely easy. Let’s have a look at how to cancel Spotify.

Login into the account

It’s the first thing you have to do. You can use on any browser android or computer. Moreover, logging into the account enhances the process. It helps you access the menu of your Spotify subscription.

Besides, at times you might log in, and you can’t recall your password. Yes, it a change that you might encounter when logging into your account. It would help if you tapped the forgot password button that pops on the screen or your computer. You will then follow the instructions that will help you reset your password from there you good to proceed with how to cancel Spotify free account.

Find the plan section.

Once you log into the account, you need to locate the plan section button. It is the part that shows your subscription status. For instance, you might see if you are using a family plan, regular steaming plan or anything else that site offers you. Just still on that page, the account provides you with an option ‘change or cancel’. If you want to proceed with cancelling your subscription, then click on the button.

Cancelling Spotify

Once you click the button, a page will display showing you to verify your process. You need to scroll down the page and find a button that says ‘cancel premium’. It is because when you change your account, it automatically takes you to a Spotify free account. Besides, if you want to use the free account, you can leave it there.

However, if you want to sign out from Spotify ultimately, then kindly scroll down to the cancel premium option. Yes, you are now signing out from Spotify subscriptions. You should click on the option and go through the confirmation prompts to unsubscribe.


Once you follow the confirmation receipts carefully, you are all set and free from Spotify subscriptions. If you didn’t cancel the Spotify free account, then you can still use your account to access music, but you will lose some of the premium services.

On the other hand, if you did cancel the Spotify free account, then you will no longer be able to access its services.

Cancelling Spotify on iPhone

It is a guide that helps you with how to cancel Spotify on the iPhone. It comprises of simple methods which are close to the ones above. If you intend to use the browse, then you can follow the above process. However, if you are using the Apple ID settings, then let’s review the below steps:

Locate settings

The process might be a challenge, but we got you! On your phone home screen scroll and try and locate the settings button. Once you find it, tap it and choose the open option.

Login into the account

Once it opens, you should tap on the Appstore or I tunes which automatically leads you to enter the Apple ID. You should provide your login credentials on the screen that prompts. Besides, how to cancel Spotify premium iPhone is exceptionally straightforward.

Scroll to find the subscription option

Once you log into your account, scroll down to find the subscription option. It would help if you tapped on it and the subscription list of your accounts will pop up.

Cancel your subscription

Tap on cancelling or changing your subscription status. Once you cancel your Spotify subscription, it runs until the deadline date. That means you can still enjoy the music until the days’ deadline. Besides, once you tap on the option, you should select the ‘Turn off renewal’ option. Additionally, you can choose to restart your subscription status at any time of your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I cancel Spotify Premium on my phone?

Answer: Cancelling your subscription on the phone is pretty straightforward. First, just put in the Spotify link then log into your account. Once you log in to your account, follow the instructions that prompt until you find the cancel or change option. From there you can easily cancel the Spotify premium on your mobile.

Q: How do I cancel my Spotify account?

Answer: To cancel your Spotify account, you first need to sign in to the account and select the subscription menu on the left. Below the button, use the cancel button.

Q: Why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

Answer: If you are trying to cancel your Spotify subscription and you can’t handle the issue. The problem might be that you are using a third party like iTunes. If so you need to use the Apple settings Id to cancel your subscription.

Q: Where is the subscription page on the Spotify app?

Answer: If you want to view your subscription status, then you need to log into your account. Then find the subscription page which is always under the plan. You need to scroll down and find the page carefully. On that page, you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Final Words

Whichever the process that suits your needs, how to cancel Spotify now seems extremely easy. The above guide comes in handy as it provides you with enough information on everything you need to know when cancelling Spotify. We all got at one time you feel like unsubscribing from something due to various reasons.

Additionally, with Spotify, you can always come back whenever you feel like coming back. Besides, for whatever reason you might have, the above tips make your cancellation easy. Furthermore, it eases your work, and thus you have a smooth operation. I hope that this review was helpful. All the best as you try out this process!


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