How to tell if front or rear brakes are bad

How to tell if front or rear brakes are bad

We all know the importance of good brakes in a vehicle. Without a good braking system, a vehicle is like a ticking time bomb. Bad brakes can turn a wonderful day into your worst nightmare.

Brakes are the no. 1 safety system of any vehicle. Though they damage for various reasons, most of the time, brakes give clear hints about its issues. But the problem is how to tell if front or rear brakes are bad?

Well, Don’t worry! Here is some simplest way to find whether the front or rear brakes are bad. So read till the end.

How to tell if front or rear brakes are bad

Hints of bad front brakes

Grinding sounds coming from the front corners while braking

It is probably the easiest symptom that your car might have bad front brakes. This sound could mean worn brake pads. If this happens, immediately fix it.

Slow-responsive hard brake with no drifting

This is a clear sign that the front brakes are not working properly. It may happen when brakes are not pushing on the rotor enough. The reason could be lack of brake oil or electric malfunction on ABS enabled vehicles.

Ticking/clicking noise from the frontal area when brake pressed

This ticking or clicking sound may happen for damaged or loosed parts of the braking system. Sometimes they are loud enough and easy to detect and sometimes not.

If it happens, know that any part of the braking mechanism may have damaged, loosen, or gone missing. Be hurry to fix that.

Hints of bad rear brakes

The back of the vehicle tends to jump on hard-brake

It is a major symptom of bad rear brakes and could mean rear brakes of the car not working properly.

It can happen for many reasons. The most common one is your car has worn brake pads or lacking in brake fluids.

Counting mild sounds from when slowing

This symptom is not that much dangerous since this can happen if the brakes pads get very close to the rotor or mud/dirt get in the braking system. A good pressure wash may help.

The vehicle tends to drift while pressing the brake

It clearly means your vehicle has bad rear brakes. They are not working simultaneously with front brakes. This problem sometimes can be overcome by adjusting the brake caliper.

Grinding sounds from the back while braking

This generally happens when brake pads are worn out. The solution is the same as the front brake’s problem. Go to the repair shop to collecting the necessary tools and replace the brakes pads.

Individual/All brake problem

Bad smell coming from any of the wheel’s side

This may happen when brake pads and rotor gets too close. Make sure you fully released your hand brakes. But if this still happens, probably it is the high time to fix that brake.

Brakes responding slow

This may happen because of problems in the braking mechanism, lack of brake fluid, or electrical malfunction in ABS vehicles.

Final thought

Brakes are the main safety feature of any vehicle. When you drive, you have to fully rely on brakes for safe stopping. Remember, brakes can save you and other passengers from a fatal accident by a difference of a nanosecond.

Be sure to check the whole braking system occasionally and pay much attention to any hints of bad brakes.


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