Is it worth fixing a lawnmower?

Is it worth fixing a lawnmower

This is a question that we eventually ask ourselves, for almost every time one of our device, pc, cellphone, even our car stop working properly. This is not an exception with our lawnmower, everything has a useful life, but we will always have to deal with a lot of situations, problems, and failures that will critically affect the useful life of it. But how much complicated can be to fix this “complex” gardening tool.

 Well this will depend on how much experience, creativity, and information you have on this topic. The first thing you need to know about this, is that it isn’t as hard as it may seems to you, what I mean with that is that, once you get a little bit of information on how to do it, once you put your hands on it, you will find out that sometimes, you just need to follow a guide with a few steps to solve most of the problems that you lawnmower may get.

Now these days, most people have access to one of the most important tool to fix a lot of things. I’m talking about information, and you will be able to find a lot on the internet, like guides on pretty much everything, such as fixing your lawn mower.

Top 3 Reasons, Why shall I be trying to repair my lawnmower!

1. Well, trust me when I tell you that, a lot of the time we spend more money than we need to, in things that are not necessarily needed to be expensive, like fixing stuff, that with a little bit of information and time can be easily fixed.

One of those things is your trusty lawnmower So, one of the things that we will have in mind when we think about is it worth fixing it by ourselves, it will be saving a lot of money. What do I mean whit this, well I’ll be glad to give you an example: Let’s think that your lawnmower keeps cutting off, so you call some professional to help you fix it because you don’t want or you can’t spend money in a new one.

2. You will be spending money just for his help, now he/she checks the lawnmower, and he/she realize that you had bad fuel in the gas tank because you didn’t know that you have to change the fuel if it is more than 30 days off, so he/she tells you that something is going wrong with the engine and he will need to change “x” parts of the engine, so he will charge you for that parts, and for the time he will invest in to change them for new ones.

Now you will pay a lot more, just because you didn’t know that the fuel was contaminated. Like I’m saying, this is just an example of a lot of different situations that can lead you to spend more money than you need, also I am not telling you that all professionals are liars. But you never know, everyone needs money, and sometimes is part of that job, you can call it sales skills.

3. Another thing that you need to have in mind is that knowledge will always be welcome, what I’m telling you is that, this type of knowledge can help you out in different situations, not just with lawnmowers, but also with a lot of machines, even cars, cause you will now know the importance of maintenance, how different basic parts work, like filters, sparkplugs, batteries, carburetor, and some other important part of the engine.

Also, you will get experience in how to disassemble different things in simple and even complex engines, another important thing like knowing the status of the fuel, oil, spark plugs, etc. At some point, you may even know how to identify what is going on with the engine just by the sound of it.

Things should be Checked First

Let’s talk about some of the commune things that you can fix or give maintenance on your lawnmower.

1. Replace fuel: as I told you this simple thing can lead to d bunch of different problems with the functions of the lawnmower, like it may not start or it keeps turning off, leading to short the useful life of the lawnmower.

2. Replace or clean the ignition spark plug: this can cause problems at the ignition process, making your lawnmower to not start. Also, there are a lot of problems you can troubleshoot by just looking at the spark plug status.

3. Air filters condition: This one can also inflict irreversible damage to the engine, so it’s important to always make sure that the filter is free from debris because they can block the clean air that the engine needs to properly work, this is also part of the maintenance that you need to keep doing to the lawnmower to extend its useful life, and it can be as simple as clean it up, or replace i

4. Maintenance and cleaning of the carburetor: this procedure can be a little bit harder than the previous ones because it involves removing some parts of the lawnmower, but once you learn how to do it you will find it simple, this also is part of the regular maintenance that you must do a few times per year to you lawnmower to extend its useful life. Avoid doing this type of procedure can lead into a complete failure of the lawnmower.

5. Cleaning the blades: Cleaning process of the blades in your lawnmower, this is also something that can cause your lawnmower to reptile cut off, also can lead to burning the engine by the over effort.

Now, this is a few of a lot of things that are commune and easy to be fixed, and also, they are cheap in terms of the money that you will need. In the matter of tools, you have to know that you will almost always need basic stuff and very important, some basic protection gear that I will recommend you to wear, like work gloves and eye protection. Is important to always remember that we are working with sharp parts of a machine and accidents can happen, so it’s better to be prepared. 


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